Sergey Marchuk|| needs YRM funding ::

Sergey Marchuk|| needs YRM funding ::


Education – Childhood and Adolescent

Ministry Focus:
Education and/or Training

What is your ministry?

Aletheia Christian School was founded in 2017 following a new opportunity in our country. In 2015, Ukraine adopted a law allowing churches to legally establish Christian schools within their organization. We started our school with seven first graders and they met in our church building. Our church was the founder of the school. The school was called “Alethea” (αλήθεια), which in Greek means “Truth.” We want children to know the Truth, that is, Jesus Christ. The school has grown enough that it no longer fits in the church building. Now we have 51 students—70% of them are from Christian families and 30% from non-Christian families. We have 9 teachers plus administration and technical staff. Since the 2019 school year, we have been renting an additional building where we can accommodate two more classes.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I expect that the Year-Round Mentoring program will help me to become a leader of impact for the glory of God. I hope this YRM program will help me to strengthen my weaknesses in leadership. I want to learn more about how I can think strategically and apply these principles in my work. I believe that YRM can help me not only learn new principles but also help me with their practical application.

What is your leadership role?

I was the founder of the school on behalf of the church. I used to be a children’s minister. I have no experience in management or administrating a school. Therefore, I use every opportunity to improve my knowledge. Now I am the principal of the school. I manage the direction of the school, educational strategy, staff management, recruitment, and development, and support initiatives to improve the education system.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Despite all the progress made, Ukraine still has a long way to meet the global standards in education, economic development, and sustainability. I want to develop the ability to set the right priorities in my work. I want to learn more to develop the staff.

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