Sigita Linkyte|| forum funded ::

Sigita Linkyte|| forum funded ::

Czech Republic

Christian Ministry—Pastoring/Church Planting

Forum Network:
Disciple-Making Leaders

Ministry Focus:
Children and/or Youth

Sigita Linkyte is a youth minister in her local church.

When did you trust Christ?

I made my decision to follow Jesus when I was 16-year-old. The church that my family attended started Alpha courses for young people and I was invited to join them. I learned so much about Jesus and the Bible and why they are the truth. During a weekend away with my group from the course, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit. I realized that I need Him as my savior. I had committed so many sins, but I knew that He would still forgive me and that He still loved me. This changed me. I wanted to get to know Jesus better and help others to get to know Him also.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

One of my closest friends died not long after I decided to follow Jesus. It caused me so much pain. But I felt that Jesus was always near me and that He was now my closest friend. Without Him I would have been completely crushed. Another important moment was when I had to move to another city to study. I was alone and away from my family and friends. But God was faithful and never left me. He comforted me and brought peace to my heart. After a couple of weeks in my new city I found a group of Christians from various churches who gathered once in a week to share about their lives and to worship God. This had great impact on me. I found that other Christians could be like family members even if I had just met them. While studying I had a mentor (from the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students organization). She helped me to deepen and strengthen my faith. Together we read a book written by John Stott called Contemporary Christian. And now I am serving in my local church as the youth minister. By studying God’s Word with children and teenagers, by seeing how they grow in faith, I also understand more of who God is. It is also a big challenge for me to serve them and lead them. But with prayer and by studying God’s Word I find that He is faithful.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

The Forum has really blessed me with the fellowship and encouragement I have received there. The time spent in the presence of God has shown me what I am doing wrong as a leader and how I should change that. But step by step I am willing to change and entrust to God what I am doing.
What is your ministry?

Once in a week our youth group gathers together to study the Bible, share our insights, and to worship and pray together. I also meet personally with some of the girls to study the Bible together. I mentor them and disciple them so that they will be mature Christians who can serve others and serve themselves.
What are your past leadership roles?

In addition to the youth group, I organize events like worship nights. I serve youth in our church’s summer camp.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Our city is a big mission field. We are a small church, but we want to reach people outside of it. I am young and I believe that I can lead the youth in our church and reach teens outside of the church. I find it easy to make new connections, to get to know a person better and lead them to the Christ.

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