Vadym Proshak|| forum funded ::

Vadym Proshak|| forum funded ::


Christian Ministry—Pastoring/Church Planting

Forum Network:
Church Life, Leadership, and Planting

Ministry Focus:
Pastoring and/or Bible Teaching

Vadym Proshak is a pastor.

When did you trust Christ?

I grew up in a Christian family. At the age of 20 I made my personal commitment to Jesus. Prior to making my decision, I decided to read the Bible in its entirety. Through my reading I realized that I needed to submit myself to the Lordship of God in my life. I confessed my sins and God made me a new person.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

In 1994, I entered Zaporizhzhia Bible College (ZBCS). My education there gave me a sound theological foundation for my faith. I graduated from the college with a bachelor’s degree. After I graduated, I became involved in church planting. I was later a youth pastor and worked as a part-time teacher at ZBCS. Practical work has really shaped me in my ministry skills. From 2001–2003, I studied theology at Tyndale Theological Seminary in Amsterdam. This was a time of a significant growth in my teaching skills, my knowledge, and my personal obedience to God. Since that time I have taught Apologetics, Evangelism, and other courses at ZBCS. At the same time I pastored a church for five years. I have always had good examples of solid Christian brothers and sisters around me that have helped me to grow spiritually and personally.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

Attending seminars at the European Leadership Forum helps me to grow in my knowledge of several key areas, including evangelism and apologetics. I am also pastoring a church. We are active in evangelism and social work in our city. We want to influence our society with the Word of God and to work on changing our surroundings. We run different programs that aim to prevent recurrent crime and the spread of AIDS. We work with orphans and ex-prisoners. I feel the need to have some fresh experiences and ideas, and to make new contacts with other believers. I am looking forward to what I can gain from the Forum in these areas.
What is your ministry?

I am pastoring a mid-sized church of 200 members that is active in youth and teenage ministry and work with addicted, homeless, internationally-displaced people, and prisoners. I am a member of the Pastors’ Counsel of the Baptist Union in Zaporizhzhya region. It is the leadership of the Union at the regional level. I teach at pastors’ conferences six times a year. I am also involved in training youth leaders.
What are your past leadership roles?

I was a teacher at the theological seminary for many years, teaching Apologetics, Philosophy, and Evangelism. For seven years I was a Dean of Students, where I helped students with spiritual formation and outreach activities. For five years I was a pastor. I was involved in planting the first church where I was a pastor.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I love the Lord and want to minister for Him to the fullest of my abilities. I will appreciate any financial help in participating at the Forum. It will enrich my ministry and benefit the people I am ministering to.

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