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When did you trust Christ?

A few years ago I met some missionaries from the United States who witnessed to me about God, salvation, and their faith. At that time I was in the third year of my studies at university. In 2006 I became a member of an evangelical church and was baptized. From that time I have made the decision to follow and trust Jesus daily, because I understand that He is my Savior and Lord, and that I am part of His body on the earth.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

In 2010 I made an important decision to study at a Bible school, which was organized by a local evangelical church called “Almaz.” This Bible school gave me a fundamental knowledge about who God is and how to read and understand the Bible. I can confidently say that studying at this school helped me to grow in my faith, in seeking the truth, and in worshiping our Lord. Watching one of the other leaders who I work with inspires me. He is a great man of God and as I see the way he lives his life, I grow in trusting God even more.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

The Forum is the place where I meet followers of Christ, have unity with them, and learn how to follow Christ wholeheartedly. The Forum gives me the opportunity to learn and gain resources about leadership development. I learn from experienced teachers how to communicate the Gospel lovingly and persuasively in my community as we lead the apologetic discussion meetings for students. I also can be mentored by experienced leaders in order to grow spiritually and professionally. In addition, this is a great chance to network with people all over Europe and America and learn new strategies for how to reach my country, Ukraine, for Christ. I also see how God is connecting Christian leaders who have visited the Forum through our invitation. More and more of these leaders are becoming open to the mission and values of the Eastern European Leadership Forum in Kiev, Ukraine.
What is your ministry?

I am working as an administrator with the Eastern European Leadership Forum (EELF) in Kyiv, Ukraine. I am responsible for the coordination of the work of other team members, contact and correspondence with the EELF speakers, registration of the participants, and other administrative tasks. I work on the website of the EELF, where I am responsible for updating the content.
What are your past leadership roles?

During 2006-2007 I was involved with an international organization, AIESEC, where several other people and I organized a project for orphans in two local orphanages. I was also a team leader and a translator at Christian summer camps in Ukraine, as well as abroad (in England in the summer of 2007).

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Our ministry is developing step by step and we use every opportunity to invest in our team and our leaders. I believe that I need to grow our ministry on biblical principles. The Forum is a place where I can learn how to do this. For example, learning how to start a biblical, God-honoring organization was of great help in starting such an organization in Ukraine.

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