Vitalii Klodnytskyi|| needs YRM funding ::

Vitalii Klodnytskyi|| needs YRM funding ::


Christian Ministry

Ministry Focus:
Pastoring and/or Bible Teaching

What is your ministry?

I received a master’s degree in Bible and Theology from the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kiev. I now teach in Bible colleges and seminaries on such subjects such as Homiletics, 1 Corinthians, and Bibliology. For five years, I was the leader of a musical group and participated in different evangelistic programs. In 2012, with a team of pastors, we started a new church. I am a member of the church’s leadership committee and a deacon. I also lead a home group and teach and preach in the church’s services. Through the home groups, we are counseling, discipling, and mentoring our members. As a rule, I am responsible for helping 20 people to grow and develop Christ-like character.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I realize how important it is to gain the experience of others and meet with Christian leaders from other countries and cultures. Likewise, I am an adherent of the Western style of management. I want to gain more knowledge and principles to implement them in our local organizations. It is also very important for me to expand my list of contacts and keep in touch with leaders from different countries.

What is your leadership role?

Our church is a relatively new one and we have been trying to build a more Western church hierarchy and structure. As part of the church’s leadership team, I work to guide the church. I am also a co-founder of a media project called InstalGod.Tv. We have several hired people and use many volunteers on the team. Over the course of six years, we have gained more than 30,000 subscribers and 30 million views of our studio channel’s. At beginning of 2020, we started a Christian organization called Some4life in which I am one of the coordinators. Our role is to help each organization to grow and present its needs.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I would like to learn more about how to hire the right team members, how to resolve conflict situations, and how to build our organization’s structure correctly.

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