Wojciech Kowalewski|| forum funded ::

Wojciech Kowalewski|| forum funded ::


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Wojciech Kowalewski is a pastor and founder and president of non-profit Christian organization called Golden Apple Institute.

When did you trust Christ?

I became a Christian as a teenager. My brother invited me to a local Baptist Church and they shared the message of the Good News with me. I started reading the New Testament and as a result of that I invited Jesus into my life to become my personal Lord and Savior.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

After I became a Christian I joined a youth group and after two years became one of the leaders. I remember when I was asked to preach my first sermon and it was on the theme of “first love.” As I was about to graduate from my high school I discovered my calling for full-time pastoral ministry and went to a Seminary in Warsaw. There I joined the Baptist Church where I become a youth pastor. Later on, after graduation, I was invited to study theology in Wales, where I got my MTh and PhD in practical theology. It was a big stepping stone in my spiritual life and ministry. After I got back to Poland I became co-pastor at the Second Baptist Church in Wroclaw and a few years later began ministering to other pastors and leaders throughout the nation.

Why do you want to attend the Forum?

The Forum is a unique meeting and training place where many great leaders representing various fields share their experience with others. I believe that attending will empower me to be more effective as a leader and also provide a space for networking with like-minded people.
What is your ministry?

Golden Apple Institute is parachurch organization that focuses on leadership development, coaching and transformation for pastors, church, and marketplace leaders. It exists to accelerate the impact of evangelical leaders. We provide individual coaching and mentoring, team coaching and strategic networking, practical training and resources and also theological and biblical courses at local churches. I am also the co-pastor of a church.
What are your past leadership roles?

Youth pastor was my first official appointment when I was a seminary student in Warsaw. When I studied in Wales I also served as assistant pastor of Ararat Baptist Church, Cardiff. When I got back to Poland I became co-pastor of Second Baptist Church in Wroclaw. After a few years I begun ministering to other pastors and formed the Pastors2Pastors coaching ministry, which is now Golden Apple Institute, where I serve as President of this organization.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

My calling is to invest in other leaders. It is my strong belief that that empowering visionary and courageously influential leaders will result in positive changes not only in their lives, but also in the people and organizations they serve. It not just about obtaining more information and knowledge, but creating a space for authentic, caring, and purposeful networking resulting in intentional growth.

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