Zefjan Nikolla|| forum funded ::

Zefjan Nikolla|| forum funded ::


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Zefjan Nikolla is the Director of IFES (the European equivalent of InterVarsity) in Albania (BSKSH) and pastors Emanuel Reformed Church in Tirana.

When did you trust Christ?

I made my decision to trust and follow Jesus in October of 1991. I was a freshman at university when that happened. I joined an International Fellowship of Evangelical Students group that was studying the Gospel of Mark and had many questions about the existence of God, pain and suffering, and more. In one of the Bible studies I opened my heart to Christ having realized my need for a Savior and the fact that Christ died for my sin. Until then I was an agnostic even though my Catholic parents who secretly believed in Jesus tried to teach me about God and the Christian faith. However, it was not until I found satisfactory answers to my deepest life questions in 1991 that I put my trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My life has not been the same since. I have been encouraged by my participation in the IFES group in Albania and in the local church that I pastor. Other important factors have been my personal Bible reading and study, many Christian brothers and sisters in my life and good Christian literature.
Why do you want to attend the Forum?

As a result of attending the Forum I have seen many changes in my ministry. The Forum has better equipped me in becoming a more effective leader in my church and organization. The Forum has inspired me with new ideas for ministry. The Forum has given me a number of helpful friends and partners for ministry. I want to return to the Forum because I believe it provides a great opportunity to grow, dialogue, and partner with other Christians and Christian ministries in order to see the Gospel proclaimed in Albania.
What is your ministry?

I am a pastor of Emanuel Reformed Church in Tirana. I am the National Director of BSKSH, which is the IFES movement in Albania. I also lead various national initiatives in evangelism, the Langham Preaching in Albania, and I am part of the leadership team of the Global Leadership Summit in Albania. For a number of years I have also promoted the European Leadership Forum and I am currently the national coordinator of the Forum for Albania.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Albania is still a mission field and needs trained leaders for the task of evangelism and discipleship. I am committed to long-term, full-time ministry in my country both with the IFES movement and the local church. I believe together we can do more than each one of us on our own. Thus, partnership and cooperation are key to the development of the Gospel work on our continent.

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